We treat human beings, not clinical cases, which means everything we do here at Aquae Sulis begins with a proper consultation. We wouldn’t want anyone to feel pressurised into agreeing to a treatment they didn’t understand or feel comfortable with, and we provide the best advice unconditionally, whether it makes business sense or not.

In fact, honest advice always makes business sense in our view because it builds trust. Honesty and integrity do make a difference — we see it every day, it’s why people come back year after year and recommend us to their friends and family. And when new patients arrive they discover they don’t have to go anywhere else because we have a range of dental treatments and expertise under one roof.

While we’re a centre of excellence for advanced procedures like dental implants (our principal dentist Ian Bellamy has placed more than 2,000) we’d stress that Aquae Sulis for the most part looks after the maintenance of its patients’ healthy teeth with regular check-ups and oral hygiene appointments.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have taken some damage to your teeth we offer a range of what’s known as restorative dentistry to fix the tooth’s function and appearance using veneers, crowns and bridges and white fillings.

We have a range of short term adult teeth straightening options for moderate crowding and facial aesthetics treatments by experienced practitioners.

We hope it never comes to this, but if you have suffered tooth loss then in most cases we would recommend dental implants because they work extraordinarily well at restoring oral health for the long term, effectively acting as natural teeth and reducing the opportunity for further damage to other teeth through destabilisation.