Incredibly, 50% of adults are unhappy with their smile and 11% are so embarrassed that they cover their mouths when speaking. Veneers can play a life changing role in smile makeovers because of their ability to mask surface defects on the teeth and correct discolouration and minor misalignments.

They create a bright, perfectly aligned smile and look natural but they do require some of the natural tooth tissue to be removed to make space before they can be permanently bonded into place. For that reason, having veneers is a serious decision with permanent oral health implications.

In many cases, especially where teeth have already been damaged, they will be the right decision (they can even strengthen weakened teeth), but a proper discussion about the alternatives should be had between patient and dentist before proceeding.

So, why porcelain? It mimics the light reflecting properties of natural teeth and is difficult to tell apart from them, it’s durable and it is tolerated by the oral tissues, reducing the likelihood of gum problems.

We provide veneers for patients with worn enamel, unsightly gaps or uneven teeth, and on teeth that are showing signs of general wear and tear. It takes at least two visits: first the tooth is prepared by removing a small amount of the surface, possibly under local anaesthetic or conscious sedation in the case of extremely nervous patients.

Removing enamel means the veneer will feel natural in shape and position, but the surface of the tooth will feel rough and so a temporary veneer will be placed in between appointments while the permanent one is being made. When it’s ready the patient can see how it looks on their tooth to check they are satisfied before it is permanently bonded into position.