What is excessive sweating?
Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) is a common condition that can affect the whole body or just certain areas. Occasionally, it can improve with age but there are also treatments that can help, if it does not lessen on it’s own.

Obviously, it is normal to sweat when you get hot or do exercise. However, you maybe sweating excessively, if this happens when your body does not need to cool down. There may be a medical condition that causes this or it maybe as a side effect of the medication you are taking.

Treating severe excessive sweating
The good news is there is a simple treatment that can significantly reduce this embarrassing condition. For example, for someone that suffers from excessive sweating under the armpits, botulinum toxin injections can greatly help and is something that we can provide here at Aquae Sulis Dental.

What is it?
Botulinum toxin is frequently referred to as Botox® which is the brand name and original form of the drug produced by the company Allergan. There are now other companies who make the drug. Botulinum toxin is a protein that is produced by a bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) and is a prescription only medicine (POM). POM’s can only be prescribed by doctors, dentists and nurses (who have a prescribing qualification), following a face to face assessment and consultation with the qualified prescriber.

How does it work?
The toxin works by blocking the chemical at the end of the nerves so that it cannot work on the glands or muscles. In the case of the sweat glands, it turns them off to reduce sweating.

What is it used for?
It is now commonly used to treat a wide variety of medical problems, including hyperhidrosis. It is probably better known for its cosmetic uses to remove lines and wrinkles from the face. In the UK, it is licensed for treating hyperhidrosis and although is used by a small number of NHS hospitals, it is mostly a private treatment. It can be used in the armpit but also on the hands, feet, head and several other parts of the body.

How is it done?
Like the use of Botox®, in facial aesthetics, it requires multiple small injections of the toxin a few centimetres apart. Also, as in the treatment of wrinkles, the botulinum toxin is administered in one visit, the affects are noticed straight away and these affects last for 3 to 6 months. At that point the area(s) can be retreated.

What can go wrong?
The practitioner doing the treatment must be suitably qualified, experienced and know the anatomy of the surrounding area. Side effects are rare but your administrating practitioner will always take a detailed medical history from you and will discuss these with you, before you consent to treatment.

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