Our principal dentist Ian Bellamy has steadily built a store of goodwill among the people of Bath since he came here from Nottingham in 1998.

His ethos is to always deliver the highest level of care possible, and to do what he says he is going to do, which is probably why we have become a popular referral destination for dentists across the region who need a safe place to send patients for advanced treatments. We’re particularly well regarded for our dental implants.

We’re pleased to support other dentists by taking referrals and we’re just as happy to accept new patients who want to see us regularly.

Mr Bellamy leads an accomplished team that values clinical experience, technology and the ability to always put patients at ease. He himself has placed more than 2,300 dental implants and was one of the first independent dentists in the country to acquire a CT scanner for Aquae Sulis in 2007, which has been instrumental in the advanced work we do.

He continues to invest in digital technology to ensure the treatments at Aquae Sulis deliver the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients, while ensuring each team member shares his commitment to putting patients at ease and being sensitive to any anxieties they might have.

That emphasis on patient comfort is why we offer intravenous sedation, which enables anyone, no matter how afraid they feel, to access the dental care they need. We often find that having been helped to break through the fear barrier for the first time at Aquae Sulis our patients become more relaxed and are able to receive treatment next time without sedation.

Either way, we never judge our patients and will always offer support where they are experiencing difficulties — we believe this part of our job is just as important as delivering clinical excellence. We treat human beings, not clinical cases.