"Genuinely the best dentist ever!"

Been visiting Ian and the team here for many years. Genuinely the best dentist ever! All the staff are super friendly and professional. Attending dentists has always been a total phobia of mine but Ian and the team have made it much less of a challenge for me as their understanding & empathetic style makes it much less of a scary thing for me!

"Haven’t looked back"

Would happily recommend Dr Ian Bellamy and his team at Aquae Sulis, they are so friendly and puts any worried mind at rest. Had Implants over a year ago and haven’t looked back…it’s great!

"I have my natural smile back"

I had an accident about 14 months ago which killed off one of my front teeth and damaged three others. I’d seen my regular dentist who wanted to go completely over the top with my repair work – repairs, implants, gum re-shaping and even botox. All of which seemed unnecessary and terrifying for me not to mention it would have cost me a small fortune. I live in Basingstoke, but have family on the outskirts of Bath so decided to do some research and found Ian/Aquae Sulis Dental after an online search and got in contact.

Ian assured me that he would do restorative dentistry instead of what had been offered elsewhere. He whitened my dead tooth from the inside to help with the colour (which I think I’ll need to have done again soon but it’s made a massive difference with just one treatment!), brought the shade of my other teeth up a great standard before fixing the four teeth with composite fillings to match in.

I have my natural smile back – it’s just what I wanted and has hardly been intrusive on the teeth at all. The colours match, and he’s shaped them really nicely too! Plus point? I’m terrified of injections – and this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Barely felt a thing and was completely at ease. Thanks Ian for everything you’ve done! Also, thanks to the whole team – everyone is so friendly whenever you go in.

"I cannot commend him highly enough"

This is my second course of implant procedure with Ian and his team and I am very impressed with his care, thoroughness and attention to detail. His explanation of the process is given in simple terms and any question raised is dealt with in detail. I cannot commend him highly enough.

"What price a SMILE?"

I have never written a review for any service I have received or purchase made – ever!! Having been to Aquae Sulis for over 12 months of extremely intensive/extensive treatment I feel compelled to share my experience.

I am a mature lady who, over the years has experienced some horrendous and detrimental dental treatment, all of which I endured for the sake of vanity!! I was becoming increasingly concerned about the condition and appearance of my teeth and my dentist, at the time, recommended a full set of implants as the solution.

I was horrified. A dear friend recommended Dr Ian Bellamy at Aquae Sulis in Bath. I live in South Devon so had obvious reservations about the time and distance involved. I had a lengthy telephone consultation with Ian and my fears were allayed.

I am one appointment away from completion of my treatment. There are only two back teeth that Ian was unable to salvage and replaced with implants. The rest of my teeth and gums are healthy, look absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Ian and his team are totally professional, experienced, friendly and caring. Having spent years of feeling physically sick prior to a dental appointment I can honestly say (and I do know this sounds a bit mental!!) I actually look forward to the 250 mile round trip to see them all. 5 stars and couldn’t be more highly recommend by me. What price a SMILE?

"He is a perfectionist and offers such a professional"

I had a filling done on my front tooth today by Ian and am so impressed I feel compelled to write a positive review. I had knocked half the tooth out in my teens and was reluctant to have the original filling completely removed but he offered to work over it and I’m so happy with the result I wish I had done it years ago.

He is a perfectionist and offers such a professional, friendly service. I would highly recommend him for cosmetic dentistry!

"Made an unhealthy situation healthy"

Aquae Sulis Dental, in particular Dr Ian Bellamy, was recommended to me by a specialist oral surgeon at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. A road traffic accident in teenage years resulted in broken jaws and a dental mess that I have endured for many years, having been told by a number of dentists that there was nothing able to be done to repair and resolve the issues faced.

Well, how wrong they were, and what a positively huge impact meeting with Ian and his Team has been! I was initially apprehensive to commit to an appointment but once I had met with Ian and his Team and evidenced not only the patient experience but also the technology used at the practice, I felt very keen to pursue the potential of what could be achieved. Since then, Ian has rebuilt previously shattered jaw bone. Made an unhealthy situation healthy. Has been able to implant where I was told it was not possible and has truly impacted positively to a level I am happy to call life changing! My message to anyone apprehensive about what can be achieved at Aquae Sulis Dental, please don’t be. You will be pleased you found them.

"Always a pleasant experience"

We have been coming to see Ian and the team for, it must be nearly, 15 years, and travel a significant distance to do so! Always a pleasant experience. Ian is so gentle. My children have also been coming here since they were toddlers.