Teeth whitening is a brilliant way of changing the appearance of teeth and can make a profound difference to the way they look, which in turn can greatly improve self-confidence. Many people who are embarrassed to smile due to the appearance of their teeth tell us how teeth whitening has given them the freedom to smile again.

The oxidising agent in the whitening gel works on stains left by smoking, coffee and red wine and steadily lightens the shade of the teeth safely, with no harm to the enamel.

It’s a very simple procedure that the patient performs at home. The time it takes depends on the original colour of the teeth, but once those teeth have reached their full lighter potential there is often no need to re-whiten for 4 to 5 years.

There’s no specific dietary advice to follow before treatment begins and teeth sensitivity during treatment and afterwards can be greatly reduced or eliminated by accompanying products that we provide where necessary.