About our private practice here in Bath.

Everybody’s got anxiety about dentistry. The difference at Aquae Sulis is we are sensitive to this reality at all times — we think excellent clinical results should always go hand in hand with our patients’ physical and emotional comfort.

About half the population don’t regularly go to the dentist, largely because of dental-phobia, so it’s clear that anxiety is still a really big obstacle to health for an awful lot of people. The way we get over this is one patient at a time, by listening to them and addressing their own personal issues, at their own pace, and only ever doing what they are comfortable with.

Even with a gentle approach, sometimes anxiety presents too much of an obstacle for patients to overcome on their own, which is where intravenous sedation can be so helpful. It takes away anxiety and removes the gag reflex, leaving patients conscious and able to respond to commands, which is ideal for swift and stress free dental care.

Our experience is that once new patients have their first appointment with us they tend to want to come back because they feel they can trust us to look after them with sensitivity. They don’t have to go anywhere else because we offer a broad range of treatments here including dental implants and adult orthodontics. Our work is well regarded among dentists in the South West who send their patients to us for advanced procedures, particularly dental implants with Mr Bellamy.

We also offer a range of non-permanent treatments for facial lines and wrinkles that can soften the signs of ageing and bring a sense of rejuvenation, perhaps ahead of an important social event such as a wedding. These treatments nicely complement our dental treatments to genuinely transform how our patients look and feel.

Please note that all of our surgeries are on the first floor and are accessed via a spiral staircase.