Aquae Sulis DentalPrivate Dentistry In Bath

You would have thought that advances in dental technology would by now mean healthy teeth and gums were easily accessible to everyone, yet many people still don’t see a dentist until they have an emergency. Which can be painful, upsetting and expensive.

In fact, about half of adults are still too scared to see a dentist regularly. We think helping each patient make the best choice according to their needs and budget is the answer, so while we are renowned for our outstanding dental implants, they may not be suitable for some people.

Our approach is quite simple: we listen to each patient on their own terms and address their personal issues at their own pace, only ever doing what they are comfortable with. We offer IV sedation to help particularly nervous patients relax and get the care they need, and we make all our dentistry as painless as possible.

We know from experience that an empathic approach to dental care — one that puts the patient and their feelings first — can be life changing because it removes the barriers that keep people suffering in silence.

That’s how we bring quality dental treatments within reach of everyone in the South West. We receive patient referrals from throughout the region — usually for life changing dental implants  — because the quality of our work is dependable, which is also why a considerable number of dentists see us for their own dental care.

The Aquae Sulis team is led by Ian Bellamy, who many of our patients credit with breaking a lifetime of dental-phobia. His patient-centric style has won the loyalty of patients in Bath for two decades and the team he has built here shares the same passion for making a difference through gentle dentistry.

While Mr Bellamy is an established provider of advanced dentistry who has placed more than 2,000 dental implants, he believes the best dentists must always match their technical skill with sensitivity towards the patient experience, which is why Aquae Sulis patients always receive the best advice and the best possible care, unconditionally.

We invest the time it takes, every time, to make sure every single patient is comfortable while we deliver the best possible clinical outcome. At Aquae Sulis, every single patient matters.

Please note that all of our surgeries are on the first floor and are accessed via a spiral staircase.