Happy Easter

Happy Easter

No doubt you will have noticed supermarket shelves are stacked high with chocolate eggs, sweets and sticky treats ready for the Easter holiday. It can be hard to resist sugary snacks, but it’s definitely worth considering the impact they could have on your teeth. Each time you eat anything sugary, your teeth are under acid attack, producing harmful acids and increasing the risk of tooth decay. This is why it’s very important to only eat sugary foods at mealtimes, limiting the amount of time your mouth is at risk.

We’ve put together a few tips for you to follow over the Easter period to help take the best care of your teeth without missing out on all the fun:

•Brush teeth twice a day for two minutes each time with a fluoride toothpaste, and remember to supervise children’s brushing if they’re under seven years of age
•Enjoy chocolate at mealtimes, rather than nibbling throughout the day
•When you’ve finished a meal, eat a small piece of cheese – it will help to neutralise the acids that cause tooth decay

Try swapping traditional children’s Easter activities for some more tooth-friendly ones:

•Swap chocolate eggs for cuddly toys or fancy dress items
•Visit a small zoo or animal sanctuary as a special treat for children in the Easter holidays
•Pop some mini glow sticks inside Kinder egg containers and organise an Easter egg hunt in the dark

Reducing your sugar intake won’t just benefit your oral health, but can also improve your general wellbeing. Just remember to keep everything in moderation and stick to a good oral health care routine.

Have a very happy Easter!