New Year – New Smile

New Year - New Smile

Happy New Year to all our current and future patients!

It’s a new year and people up and down the country are busy trying to keep to their new year’s resolutions. If you’re yet to make your resolutions, or if you’re looking for some new ones, why not think about improving your dental health? Making easy changes to your dental routine in 2019 could set you up for a life time of healthier teeth. Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

Commit to flossing
Flossing should be an essential part of your dental routine – but according to the British Dental Health association, only 21% of adults in the UK floss regularly and one in three have never flossed. By only brushing your teeth up to 40% of the tooth surface area can be missed in the cleaning process which increases the risk of cavities, tooth decay and tooth loss.

Give up smoking
Quitting smoking may already be on your list of resolutions, but did you know that it could yield serious health benefits for your mouth as well? Smoking is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer and gum disease in the UK. Studies have shown that smoking is a contributing factor to gum disease and that smokers are likely to lose twice as many teeth as non-smokers.

Cut down on sugar
Cutting down on sugar will help improve your dental health, giving you stronger, healthier teeth.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year
Regular visits to your dentist and hygienist should be an essential part of your dental health routine, and yet nearly 40% of UK adults admit to not visiting the dentist at least twice a year. Dentists can advise on how to improve your dental health, and recognise potentially dangerous signs early.