Veneers are ideal for anyone with unsightly gaps, uneven teeth or worn enamel and of course, teeth that are displaying general signs of wear and tear. Veneers create a bright, perfectly aligned smile and look completely natural, however, they do require some of the natural tooth tissue to be removed to make space before they can be permanently bonded into place. Having veneers is a serious decision with permanent oral health implications, for that very reason.

In a high amount of cases, especially where teeth have already been damaged, they will be the right decision (by helping to strengthen weakened teeth), we always recommend a full discussion about the alternatives with the dentist before proceeding.

So you might be thinking, why porcelain? Porcelain as the best results as it mimics the light reflecting properties of natural teeth and is very difficult to tell apart from them, not only is it durable but it is also tolerated by the oral tissues, reducing the likelihood of gum problems.

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